Our aim is to provide a safe location for all students–Hindu, Muslim, and Christian–where tutoring and a nutritious snack are provided. This is a chance for those who would never come into a church building to do so.
The pastors and church members are available to meet with parents as they pick up their children which allows them to build relationships and be salt and light to the community.
It is also a means for our Foursquare pastors’ families to earn money to support their ministry. Most of them live hand-to-mouth.
With your help we can continue to build this ministry.
The cost of each after-school center in Bangladesh is $154 per month or $1848 per year.
There are two ways to give:
You and your church can pledge to give a monthly amount of $154 to open and support a new after-school center in Bangladesh.
You can pledge a monthly amount or give a one time donation to support an existing after-school center in Bangladesh.


Giving By Mail

Send your checks to:

Foursquare Missions International
PO Box 26776
Los Angeles, CA 90026-0176

(Please indicate that the check is for Bangladesh After-school Programs)