December 2017

Prepare Him Room Pt. 2

We can prepare room for God to break into our life when we choose to surrender to Jesus and invite Him to fully immerse us in life in the Spirit.

Prepare Him Room

We can prepare room for God to fulfill His promise when we see our limitations as His opportunities to shine.

November 2017

Jesus#nofilter Pt. 4

In the last session of Jesus#nofilter, Andy Lovelace separates judgment from worth.

Jesus#nofilter Pt. 3

Many of us can find ourselves looking for affirmation as a result of our good deeds.  Andy Lovelace invites us that if we are willing, God’s affirmation is enough.

Jesus#nofilter Pt. 2

What is our response supposed to be as followers of Christ? Find out as Andy Lovelace continues on Jesus #nofilter

October 2017

Finishing Well

With the encouragement to finish well in this life, Pastor Mark Harris explains the need for GRIT in our walk with Jesus.

Jesus#nofilter Pt. 1

Andy Lovelace begins a series exploring statements made by Jesus that at first seem counter-intuitive. Join us as we embark on this journey: Jesus #nofilter.


Celebrating the renovations done at New Horizons with District Supervisor Sam Rockwell.

All In 4


September 2017

All In 3


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