September 2018

Growing Young Pt 3

Continuing the series Growing Young, Andy Lovelace shares how fear of being marginalized often drives us to raise our voices in the culture. However, in this message we discover that we are actually called to live in a powerfully quiet life.

Growing Young Pt 2

The church in Ephesus was being influenced by men who wanted a platform to showcase their self-importance. Paul’s instructions to Timothy was to shut them down because the church should showcase Jesus Christ and his significance.

Growing Young Pt 1

In this first message of the series, Andy Lovelace introduces how we can get older but still remain immature. It’s important for our growth spiritually to grow up in Christ but stay young at heart. 1 Timothy gives us guidance in doing both.

Starting Out Right Pt 2

We use transitions in life and in the seasons of the year to make changed in many areas. Andy Lovelace communicates how to implement changes in our lives that are lasting and that help us focus on things that matter most to God.

August 2018

Starting Out Right Pt 1

We use transitions in life and in yearly seasons to make changes. Andy Lovelace communicates how to implement changes in our lives that last and help us focus on things that matter most to God.

True Story Pt 11

True Story…we often accept opposing mindsets instead of God’s truth. In this true story, Carolyn Nenne, correlates Israel rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem with accepting God’s truth in our life.

True Story Pt 10

In this message about the true stories of the Bible, Larry Hill shares with us about Jonah and how resisting God’s direction in our life can have bad consequences for us and others, but pursuing God’s desires brings freedom.

True Story Pt 9

The Bible is filled with stories that involve mankind but are really about God. Joshua and the Israelites defeat the people of Jericho in a quick battle, but it’s really written to show us that it all begins with God

July 2018

True Story Pt 8

For the Jewish people, every 49th year was the celebration known as the year of Jubilee. It’s an important practice that never really found it’s full meaning until Jesus came. Andy Lovelace shares how this important celebration affects us today.

True Story Pt 7

Few people are aware that the well known 10 Commandments are only 10 of the 613 Mosaic laws the Israelites were to live by. In this True Story, we discover the importance that blood plays in the Old Testament and today


Joy In His Presence

Do you ever freak out when things go wrong, try to fix a problem in your own strength or get bogged down worrying about how things are going to work out? I’ll admit I do. How often does it help me? 100% never. All it does is create stress about something that God is far more capable of handling, and do you know what the best part is? He wants to handle it! He cares about our problems. He cares about our concerns. We’re told to cast all of our cares on him because he cares for us. (1 Peter 5:7)


In Psalm 16:11, the psalmist, talking to God, proclaims, “In your presence there is fullness of joy”.
What if, instead of worrying, instead of grasping for control, we go to the One who already has it all figured out? The One who is working all things out for the good of those who love Him? (Romans 8:28) Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he told us to come to him because his burden is light, (Matthew 11:28-30) not because there are no burdens to carry, but because we’re not the ones who are supposed to be carrying those burdens!
Life can be rough at times. There is pain, there are hardships, there are times when we can’t see past the problems surrounding us… but… I encourage you to consider it pure joy, my friends. When those trials are bogging you down find joy in the presence of Him who holds all things in His hands.
Hannah Wilson

Jesus Cares

Jesus Cares I used to see a bumper sticker which said, “Jesus Cares”. I wondered whether anyone believed Jesus cares because they saw the words on the bumper of a car. How then can we know Jesus cares? Here’s one way.
When Jesus arrived in Bethany too late to heal his dear friend Lazarus, he faced much weeping on the part of Mary and friends of the family (as well as hired mourners). Even though Jesus knew what he would do for them, he was affected by their sorrow. “When Jesus saw [Mary] weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled.” Notice the intensity of Jesus’ emotion, knowing all the while that their sorrow would momentarily turn into rejoicing.
In the light of what he was about to do, Jesus could have made light of the mourning around him. Yet, after asking where they had placed Lazarus’ body, Jesus wept. The Jews exclaimed, “See how he loved him!” But how could he have been weeping over Lazarus, knowing he was about to raise his friend from the dead?
When you are overcome by sorrow, Jesus knows how things will turn out. He sees the end from the beginning. Nonetheless, he is touched by your anguish. He urges you, as he did Martha, to have faith in him, but he also sees your tears. Jesus cares.
Scripture Reading: John 11:17-43
Brad Buck