July 2018

True Story Pt 6

True Story Pt 5

Pastor Mark Harris shares with us Jeremiah’s call, love and faith for God’s people. He also shows us that perseverance is more than just waiting it out.

True Story Pt 4

Balaam, a seeker of the Lords word, often times got into sticky situations when following what he wanted to do instead of listening to what God said.  On the other hand, following God’s word can set us up to see miracles and blessings in our lives.

June 2018

True Story Pt 3

David is possibly best known as the young man who killed the giant, Goliath. However, it’s the heart of the young warrior that God was most interested in that lead Him to choose David as King of Israel.

True Story Pt 2

The story of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of language is a powerful picture of what happens when people try and become great in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. As followers of Jesus Chris, our identity is most secure when we find ourselves in Him.

True Story Pt 1

Abraham is the Father of Faith because he trusted God without being shown all the details. We can build our faith and glorify God by trusting Him and following where He leads, even when we don’t see the end.

Let Go – Let God

If we think we care more than God about what matters most in our lives, we miss the opportunity for the life Jesus promised…a life with light burdens and freedom.

May 2018

Empowered Together Pt 6

There can be a tendency to think that the gifts of healing and miracles, tongues and prophecy, are the spiritual gifts and gifts of helps and service are less spiritual. The truth is, they all require Holy Spirit empowering to be impactful.

Empowered Together Pt 5

When we desire to see God work miracles, there can be a couple offenses that can come. We can be offended by who God uses to bring a miracle to us, or we can be offended by God if he chooses not to perform the miracle we seek.

Empowered Together Pt 4

The church in Corinth struggled with how to use the gifts and working of the Holy Spirit in a way that encouraged and edified one another. Andy Lovelace uses the Apostle Paul’s instruction to give insight for Holy Spirit ministry today.

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